Liyona Karabidyan

Hi! I'm Liyo!

Hey there! I'm Liyo, the neurodivergent jedi behind this business. I believe that no one should have to navigate the entrepreneurial journey alone, especially those who, like me, thrive with neurodivergent brilliance.

We all have strengths and weaknesses — why waste time doing things you don’t enjoy that aren’t up your alley when you can delegate it to someone else?

The frustration of carrying too much burden and the desire to lighten the load for others sparked my mission to create a support system for neurodivergent entrepreneurs — without shame, without guilt and without expectations.

Being in the shoes of a neurodivergent individual myself, I understand the struggles and strengths that come with it. There's no need to explain things in great detail or feel shame for your challenges when working with me. I'm already familiar with the headspace and can intuitively grasp what you need, whether it's managing ADHD-related tasks or capturing your unique voice for copywriting.

I'm immersed in the world of social media (I live and breathe it) — so you don’t have to ever worry about ‘golly, how will I ever keep up with trends ugh’ well, guess what, you don’t have to. When it comes to trends, patterns and strategies — I’m on top of it.

Social media engagement and management can be heavy for people who have numerous clients and families — like maybe you have a newborn and don’t have the time of day to interact with people on your posts. And you don’t have to. Helping those individuals, seeing them lighten up and regain their freedom from managing social media responsibilities fuels my passion even further.

Understanding your struggles is just one aspect of my approach. I pride myself on creating a safe, transparent, and shame-free environment. You can be your authentic self without formalities or masking. Together, we'll embrace complete honesty about your strengths and limitations, providing the support you need to excel.

Through my business, my ultimate goal is to help you find your voice, overcome overwhelm, and enjoy the journey. Together, we'll tackle those dreaded tasks, so you can focus on what truly lights you up.

Let's make your business thrive while fostering a community where no one feels alone in their neurodivergent greatness.

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